Sale of ALUMINUM from Russia to Europe


Euro Olimp is a partner of the leading Russian metal fabrication companies for sale all over the world.





We offer for deliveries on a regular basis, high purity aluminum grades A4N and A5N, GOST 11069-2001. The specified GOST 11069-2001 regulates the purity of the content of the main metal to grade A995 (99.95%), the metal of higher purity is marked in accordance with TU 1712-30-05785218-2017 on the basis of the chemical composition of each heat. The production technology of A99 allows you to get in some cases metal with a higher aluminum content, which corresponds to the brands A4N7 (99.997%) and sometimes A5N (99.999%)

A4N7 (99,997%)

A5N (99,999%)

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